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What happened?

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What happened?

Postby Geoff » Tue Sep 27 2005, 16:50

Simply, we were hacked, the same person took four of my web sites out. I can't really elaborate on that right now as it is in the hands of the police. It did give me the excuse to move to this phpbb board which I was wanting to do for a while now anyway. More features, more robust with a MySql back end and a better format.

I do still have the old board in tact, the database was not corrupted, and I shall put it back online as an archive eventually, but I can't right now as my hacker was still busy on my server yesterday lunchtime.

Take a note of this address;

I had to change the address otherwise the old sub domain would have vanished completely and left everyone in the dark. I will be moving over to this server though. But again, with my hacker still active, he may decide to take the re-directional I currently have in place, out of commission.

Hope you like the new look.

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