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Abusing Nomad Forum

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Re: Abusing Nomad Forum

Postby exwasp » Sat Mar 20 2010, 09:35

guerrero wrote:
exwasp wrote:Firstly to Geoff - I would be happy to pay a small amount for the forum. I'm grateful you keep it going. I've been away recently and this forum is by far the best way way to keep in touch with all thats happening in the County League, even if we tend to differ when it comes to the General Discussion forum.

Secondly, for Guerrero, I enjoy some of your posts but don't know why you have to turn these threads into the opportunity to criticise people. This time its the 'nameless trolls' which presumably includes people like me. Yes, there may be a few people who use anonimity to slag people off but mostly they don't stay on here for long. Others may use their anonimity in order to make legitimate criticisms of the club they play for, support, or for many other genuine reasons without being potentially abused or banned in return. Just because you put your name to a post doesn't necessarily make it any more valid than anyone else's.

Those who need to know my name do. Those who want to are welcome to PM me though I don't think you'd be much the wiser if I told you.

Going back a few years it was anonymous phone calls.Now it's anonymous posts.
I'm no super hero,but I would never post anything that I wouldn't say to someones face.Yet you reckon I'm in the wrong for that?
"Nameless trolls" means people who troll the threads,the forum or indeed the internet making mischief without the balls to put their names to their opinions.
You may feel that I make mischief,and now and again I'd agree with you. :wink:
At least I don't hide though. :roll:

I wish you would reply to what I actually post rather than what you would like it to say in order to fit your response. Where exactly did I say you were wrong in posting what you would say to someone’s face? I just defend the right of people to post anonymously whether you like it or not.
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Re: Abusing Nomad Forum

Postby guerrero » Sat Mar 20 2010, 23:47

You keep doing that.
I personally respect the opinion of someone who is prepared to put their real name to that opinion,rather than someone who doesn't.
Maybe it's me who's wrong and we should all be allowed to go around slagging people off anonymously with no recourse to any kind of comeback?
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