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All square at The Haven

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All square at The Haven

Postby Mike May » Fri Apr 27 2018, 12:18

Southern Combination League - Premiership
CDG ( 0 ) 0 THREE BRIDGES ( 0 ) 0


A 'slugfest' encounter of the most bruising kind greeted both sets of supporters on an overcast eve at The Haven before the biggest gate of the season, this figure not only swelled by the combatants support but also those with an added interest in promotion ( well done Stuart ).

Everything was in place for an enthralling evening of exciting football, but if truth were known it never happened, as both sides already suffering from a fixture congestion within a tight timescale, left all pretence of flowing football at home, to be replaced by a slugfest of brawn against brawn, as tackles flew and tempers rose. ( bought back memories of Leeds United in the 70's ).

Bridges already promoted still needed a win to enhance their champions tag, whilst the Anvils safe in midtable gave themselves another chance to give youth its 'head', and from what one has seen the future looks bright in the years to come, that's of course if the 'money men' don't come a'calling, lets face it we're all human.

As to the match itself ( back of a postage stamp ) comes to mind, as both sides resorted to 'no holds' barred which seemed to be the main theme, allied to a stop / start momentum, one felt sorry for the diminutive official whom constantly was surrounded by 'waving arms' and volatile opinions, but at the end of the 90+ all was forgiven as the players trooped off wishing each other the best for the remainder of whats left of the season.

Bookings - Quite a few! Goals - Nil Gate - Seasons best 124
Mike May
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