New Nomad

Hi all, so this is what I decided to do with the outdated Forum. I have changed the software to WordPress and therefore a blog minded site. Currently the Blogs, Match Reports and General posts will show a page not found as no-one has posted on them yet. I have left the Prediction League test page on here as this can be used with a bit of editing come the start of the season.

Have a look about, play around. By all means do a test post if you’ve never used the format before, if you put [TEST] in the title I will know to delete it.

That’s it really, for those that still look on here I hope you are happy with what has been done.


5 thoughts on “New Nomad

  1. Hi Geoff,

    Prediction league week 1 is coming up in General Posts & not in Prediction Leagues.

    Only found it as it came up in recent posts & there were only 2.


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