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World Cup 2018 bid

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Re: World Cup 2018 bid

Postby Rabbits XI » Tue Dec 07 2010, 09:58

I was hugely disappointed by FIFA awarding the Russians the World Cup in 2018. It means that me and my boys will not be able to go and see World Cup games, I will not travel to Russia and I will not travel to Qatar for that matter either. The bootom line is that dodgy dealings have won the World Cup, money in brown envelopes talks. There is clearly corruption right through FIFA and England played their bid by the rules.
Do we have the best bid to host the World Cup? Stadiums/Training facilities/Hotel/Travel/Fans - Yes, probably we do. Is that whats important? - No, not at all...
I agree with future bids to host future World Cups being decided by fans. In this day-an-age, and obviously when future World Cup hosts need to be decided, online-poll seems the best way. FIFA should pick its top-five say and there should be an elimination period so that it reduces to four, then three then ultimately to one. AND NO JOINT-HOSTS.
I would have been happy to see a World Cup in Australia too, the whole point in getting the Countries together, for a World Cup, is that they challenge themselves under different circumstances, different environments. It needs to be a spectacle for the fans though and the World Cup has been a farce this year. We want people at games, no matter who is playing. Full stadiums of quality players/teams and memorable matches. We should host a World Cup but unless the system changes, its not going to happen.
Rabbits XI
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