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David Bentley and the U21's

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Was David Bentley right to pull himself out of the U21 Squad?

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David Bentley and the U21's

Postby gonzo » Sun Jun 10 2007, 08:45

I have been listinging to Talk Sport over the past few days and there are split feelings over whether David Bentley was right to pull himself out of the England U21 squad.

His reason, tiredness. He says after playing a 60 game season he needs the 4 weeks rest to ensure that he gives himself the best opportunity to perform at his peak at club level (who pay his wages) for next season, with the intentions of impressing for the full international side.

Stuart Pearce is not happy at all and because of the late decision to pull out, the squad has been left a man short. Not only that but Bentlye was one of his best players and it's difficult to win tournaments without your best players.

Its a tricky one to call. At the end of the day its Davids decision and only he knows his body.

However I don't feel that sorry for these multi millionaires who claim fatigue after a 60 game season having the best diets, physios, equipment, pitches and 'work' on average for only 3-4 hours a day if that!

Another point to consider is that if this was the full international side he would have travelled with the squad? which kind of contradicts his reasons for not going with the U21's.

Has 'club' completely taken over from the honour of 'Country' :roll:
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Postby seafordtillidie » Sun Jun 10 2007, 20:47

David Bentley is one of the very few players with the delivery able to challenge David Beckham.

The Under 21 Championship would have been the perfect setting for him to show his talent and I'm sure he would have been one of the stars of the tournament.

There were rumours about his commitment when he was at Arsenal and maybe this is further evidence that he may not be able to take the final step into international football.

I think it's a crying shame one of our best young talents can't bring himself to represent his country at a major tournament, and I fully support Stuart Pearce's comments. The maximum number of games he would have been asked to play was 5, would this really have made a difference to his ability to perform at the start of next season, I doubt it!!
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Postby crewealexfc » Sun Jun 10 2007, 21:49

we're going to our group games so it is annoying when you have players pulling out, seeing as how we've spend a lot of money to go!
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