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England 2 Sweden 2

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World Cup 2006 discussion.

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Postby Fingers » Mon Jun 26 2006, 13:09

Lord Zola wrote:Despite their goals, I feel Beckham and Gerrards overall contribution has been poor. Can't think of a game where either of them were that good, can you?

What else can they do other than score goals that wins games. Admittedly both have played better but at the end of the day goals win games not 9 out of 10's ratings every game. I would settle for the current form if it meant we won the competition.

Difference between Argentina and Mexico was match winners. I thought both sides were equal in nearly every department on the night except Argentina had a match winner who scored the best goal of the tournament so far in my opinion. England have 5 players capable of winning games with a piece of brilliance - yesterday was Beckhams turn, Lampard, Gerrard's and Rooneys time is yet to come Im sure.
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Postby crewealexfc » Mon Jun 26 2006, 13:43

I noticed at the pub yesterday watching the game, when lampard blazed them two chances wide and over, everyone said oh unlucky frank better luck next time. Even though hes done it quite often this world cup.

When beckham delivered a bad free kick in about the 5th minute everyone was saying get him off hes useless hes crap. The same thing happened with Gerrard, he put his foot over the balland it ran off for an ecuador throw, everyone said never mind, but when Hargreaves did it he got the old hes crap get him off.

Where im coming from, it seems to me that there is preference to certain players from certain groups of people. Obviously the chelsea fans wouldnt slate lampard, after all he is a quality player, and so is beckham still. He cant seem to win!

A always hear people saying Beckham doesnt deserve to be in the team, but lets be honest, its hard to pick him out having a bad game because theres still quite a few players having a bad tournament.

Theres a lot of world class players from other countries who have not done much in this world cup, and haev failed to shine. Ronaldinho, ronaldo, Nedved, Shevchenko? totti?

In my opinion, if England are winning, and continue to win, then lets ease up on them, and support them and not put them down. I wonder what people would say if we did bring home the world cup, and beckham scored the winner?

Just a thought.
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