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England 2-1 Switzerland

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Brighton & Hove Albion, Crawley Town, etc.

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Postby the lawn mower » Sat Feb 09 2008, 09:31

The Horse wrote:Who are we kidding??

I thought it was a turgid, overly negative boring display, that contained none of the development people are saying. Switzerland were rubbish and yet we only sneaked a win.

I went to the game, as I went to games when Sven and McClaren was manager and nothing has changed yet. I love the way people kid themselves that after two training sessions, Capello has developed a style of football for the team!!

I am not for a minute suggesting Capello is the wrong manager, just that understandably he had very little influence over this result. First half the reason we were poor is the endless long balls didnt have a target man to head them on and watching rooneys body language he was fuming with the endless wasted passes from the back four and Barry, Gerrard and Jenas. When crouchy come on we then hit his head and got flick ons - where is that different to what has been our tactic for the last 10 years??

Barry is so average its unreal and yet people say he is good??!! Compare him to Flamini, Hargreaves, Makalele, Essian and even Carrick and he is not even half as dynamic and as he proved against Croatia, isnt even that great at protecting the back four. Hargreves did more in 20 mins than Barry did all game with his safety first sideways passing his only contribution to the game. Jenas was rubbish and whilst bagged a goal, is out of his depth and Gerrard whilst decent tried too many of his hollywood balls.

Granted Wes Brown aint the greatest but Richards is not a good defensive full back (but a great centre half) and so being Italiah he went for defence first.

Lawn Mower - do you hate Man United by any chance? Just wondering as you slated Hargreaves, Beckham, Rio and wes brown in one post??

For the record Rio was excellent as always and is by far the best centre half in Britain.

No Horse, I think Man Utd have some of the best players in the world and the only team I hate is Leeds Utd ( an old wound still hurts ), and may be Arsenal sometimes.
Its that I do not wear rose tinted glasses unlike some other nieve biased posters on this forum.

I dont usually explain my posts to people, but you seem a sensible lad so.

IMO BECKHAM, has a following that some people just cant let go of, the lad was good, not a world beater, but all the same, did a lot of good for his country, but, as was shown in the match against the Swiss there better players that can do far more in a game than just cross the ball, eg, Bentley.

HARGREAVES to me is nothing more than a mid-field bruiser, not a bad thing to have in your side, but other countries have that and the player can usually score goals, head the ball and more importantly make the precision passes, something the Hargreaves is not; I,ll use Scholes for an example.

RIO, I just think at times he is not always the best man for the job. I am fairly sure there must be 4 or 5 better center-halfs out there.

BROWN, well if you need me to tell you why he should not be selected, IMO you need a holiday, there must be 8 to 10 English full-backs in Championship leagues 1 and 2 better than him.

I hope that you get that Clymping side in Div 3 soon, might come and what then.

the lawn mower
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Postby The Horse » Sun Feb 10 2008, 20:26

Thanks for replying.

Suppose ill never agree about Beckham, I do not love him, nor do i ever think he was world class but Bentley in my opinion aint as good as he was and wont be (Bentley is 25-26). Beckham in long spells carried england.

Hargreaves is not a goalscorer granted but he is in the essien, makalele, gattuso mould (perhaps not as good but he is the best england have in that role) - if your going to play that player (that i believe Barry is in the squad to play) play the best one, he covers loads of ground, shields the defence superbly and can play an incisive pass as opposed to the crab (barry!!)

Rio - Is the best, another unsung player whos not liked cos he is a horrible chav but that should take nothing away from his ability as a play -again footballs about opinions!!

Wes - i think id probably agree with you after today!!

Thanks for the kind words about Clymping, we are trying our hardest and are moving in the right direction - you are welcome anytime.
The Horse
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