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What are sources of international law?

Hello there! I just pulled together a post for you all about the sources of international law. We'll be breaking down where international law comes from, how it's applied, and why it's so important. We'll discuss everything from international treaties to customary practices and legal principles among nations, really delving into the heart of the matter. Hopefully, by the end of it, you'll have a better grasp of global legal protocol and its sources. Stay tuned!

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Discovering the Value of Education in Shaping Futures

The top fashion forums in the US are a great resource for those looking for style advice, brand information, and the latest industry news. These forums provide a platform for fashionistas to engage with each other, learn about trends, and get advice on what to wear. Popular sites include Styleforum, The Fashion Spot, and Chictopia. Through these forums, users can gain a better understanding of the fashion industry and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

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How can I stop being a people pleaser?

Hey there, it's your favorite blogger here, tackling the age-old conundrum of being a people pleaser! Well, firstly, let's give a big high-five to ourselves for wanting to break free from this pleasing cycle. It starts with acknowledging that you can't please everyone, folks. Like that time I tried to juggle flaming coconuts and ended up scorching my eyebrows... not my best moment. Secondly, it’s about setting boundaries. As the saying goes, 'Your vibe attracts your tribe' so be sure that you're expressing your true self, not just a 'Yes Man' version. Lastly, remember to be kind to yourself; you're a rockstar, not a doormat. So let's stop the people-pleasing and start the self-pleasing!

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