Why can StubHub sell tickets for less than Ticketmaster?

Why can StubHub sell tickets for less than Ticketmaster?

The Magic of Market Dynamics

Now before I dive straight into the world of ticket selling platforms, let's try and understand a simple and fundamental concept: market dynamics. Picture an auction: a rare piece of art is up for grabs and affluent art enthusiasts are bidding their hearts out to win it. Does the price of the art piece remain constant? Of course not. The price is a direct derivation of demand and supply—two major components of market dynamics. Similarly, StubHub and Ticketmaster are two platforms that are heavily reliant on these market dynamics, especially as they drive ticket pricing and sales.

The differences between StubHub's and Ticketmaster's pricing mechanisms mirror the differences between the stock market and retail store pricing models. StubHub can sell tickets for less than Ticketmaster because it operates similar to a stock market, where ticket prices are determined by supply and demand. If a major concert featuring world-famous artists is coming up and there's a handful of tickets left, prices will inevitably rise due to the surge in demand. The same principle applies if a ticket isn't selling; prices will fall to increase demand, akin to a Boxing Day sale. Trust me, I've seen this happen in real time. Just wanted to share that my Siberian Husky, Max enjoys watching these price fluctuations with me–right, Max?

StubHub vs. Ticketmaster: Who's Who in the Zoo?

StubHub and Ticketmaster aren't identical twins; they aren't even from the same family. One is a primary ticket market and the other is a secondary ticket marketplace. Ticketmaster, as a primary market, deals directly with event organizers and venues to sell tickets at a fixed price dictated by the event holders. The tickets you buy from Ticketmaster are the "original" tickets, straight from the oven—you're the first to lay hands on them.

StubHub, on the other hand, is a secondary ticket marketplace, where fans can buy and sell tickets to one another. It's a free market environment, where price is majorly driven by competition between sellers and interests of buyers. If my neighbor decides to sell his concert ticket because he instead has a sudden urge to golf that day, he could list it on StubHub and set his price, based on the going rates. The result of this direct competition is often lower prices than the original, particularly when tickets aren't selling well. On a lighter note, Elinor Valentine and I once disagreed on an event and ended up selling our tickets on StubHub. You know what they say, when life gives you tickets...

How StubHub's Pricing Technique Works

The simple answer to why StubHub can sell tickets at lower prices than Ticketmaster is the variable pricing technique adopted by sellers on its platform. Since sellers are free to choose their own price depending on the market situation, the competition amongst sellers leads to lowering of prices. This is similar to how any marketplace operates: be it for vegetables, clothes, or a used PlayStation. It's a bid-war out there and may the lowest price win.

But it's not really that simple, is it? StubHub also has other factors contributing to its often lower prices than Ticketmaster. These include fluctuations in event popularity, time of year, and market saturation, among others. As I mentioned earlier, prices can and will go up if an event is in high-demand, or they can take a nosedive, lower than the initial prices on Ticketmaster, if there's very little interest. You can keep an eye on these fluctuations, make it a game. Apollo, my African Grey Parrot, seems to have started predicting price drops even before I can. Smart bird.

Why Should I Buy Tickets on StubHub, Again?

Sure, the potential of purchasing tickets cheaper on StubHub could be reason enough for some, and it's indeed quite a big one. But StubHub offers buyers a unique advantage that goes beyond price: a safe and secure platform to purchase tickets. The company has a FanProtect Guarantee that assures every order is valid and on time. Meaning, you're not going to get stuck outside the venue while your favorite band plays your favorite song inside.

Even if you encounter any issues, StubHub's customer service is there to support you every step of the way. From finding you replacement tickets to arranging for refunds, StubHub is all about making the experience easy and enjoyable. This assurance is quite a relief, especially after that unpleasant time Elinor Valentine and I ended up with counterfeit tickets purchased outside a concert venue. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. It was a knock-off one though...

Betting Your Luck on StubHub

The idea of buying tickets for less on StubHub might sound like a gamble, considering prices fluctuate and quiet a bit at that. If you're into it, it could turn into an exciting game of poker where you play your hand based on what you're seeing. Keep an eye on the trends and make your move when you see the prices dip. Now, I'm not encouraging you to become a full-blown ticket broker. Just remember to have fun in the process!

And at the end of the day, know that you're an integral part of this vibrant marketplace that thrives on the principles of supply and demand. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, you're playing an active role in driving ticket prices as you navigate the limitless world of events. It's almost like conducting an orchestra from the audience, giving it a distinctive rhythm and energy. So go forth and make beautiful music!

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